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Potato Benefits | Potato Rich Source of Vitamin C and Minerals

Potato gets digested quickly with roti. This too is a complete diet. Potatoes are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B and phosphorus. By eating.....

20+ Benefits of Potato

  • Scientific name: Solanum tuberosum
  • Nature of Potato: Dry and hot

Potato gets digested quickly with roti. This too is a complete diet. Potatoes are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B and phosphorus. By eating potatoes, the blood vessels remain flexible till old age and do not become rigid. That's why long life can be achieved by eating potatoes. Dr. E.P. Anshus has given various uses of potato in his book Therapeutic By-Veg.

Potato Benefits


Beri-Beri means - cannot walk. The symptoms of weakness in the femoral nerves are especially caused by this disease. Grind potatoes, extract the juice by pressing and give one spoon dose four times a day. Chewing a raw potato and swallowing the juice also gives similar benefits.

Source of Vitamin C :

Vitamin 'C' is abundant in potatoes. It can also be mixed with sweet milk and given. It is most beneficial to eat potatoes with peels after roasting them in hot ashes or boil it in water with peels and eat it when it melts. Do not throw away the water in which potatoes were boiled, but cook potato juice in this water. There are many minerals and vitamins in this water.

Scurvy :

This disease is caused by deficiency of Vitamin 'C'. In the initial stage of this disease, the strength of the body and mind becomes weak, that is, the patient's body looks weak, incapable, slow, emaciated and pale. With a little effort, the breath becomes fast, passivity comes in the place of activity in man. In some manifestation of the disease, the skin of the legs starts bleeding from under the cover around the hair follicles, small red rashes (Petchiae) emerge under the skin around the hair. Then on the skin of the torso also such big rashes (ecchymoses) emerge around the hair follicles. The skin looks dry, rough and dry. In other words, hyperkeratosis occurs. The gums are already swollen and bleed easily. Later, as the disease progresses, bleeding occurs in the muscles of the legs, especially the extensor muscles, and painful and sensitive glands are also formed in them. If there is discharge in the heart-flesh also, there is a disease of colic. Could There can also be open bleeding from the nostrils etc. Caries and pyorrhoea also often appear due to deficiency of this vitamin. Raw potato juice removes blood bile.


Sometimes bruises occur due to injury. Grind raw potato and apply it on the bruised area.

Burns or Scalds:

(1) Grind raw potato and apply it on the burnt place. This reduces burning sensation.

(2) If the skin is scorched due to strong sunlight, heat, applying the juice of raw potato on the scorched skin brings beauty to the skin.


Drink 50 grams of potato juice in it. If it is difficult to extract the juice, then chew raw potato in the mouth and drink the juice and spit the pulp. This gives relief in heartburn. In heartburn, the patient feels burning sensation on the heart. Drinking its juice gives instant coolness.


Potato is alkaline in nature which reduces acidity. Acidity patients can remove acidity by eating regular potatoes in food.

Potatoes roasted in hot ashes or sand are very beneficial for those patients who have excess acidity in their digestive organs, sour belching and excessive flatulence. Roasted potatoes get digested faster than wheat bread and provide more nutrients to the body than wheat bread. Potato removes chronic constipation and intestinal rot. Potato contains potassium salt which prevents acidity.


Grinding raw potato and applying it on the thumb in gout reduces pain. Apply it on the painful place also.

Bake four potatoes in Bhobhal and then remove their peel and eat it regularly by adding salt and pepper. This cures arthritis.


Feeding potato in rheumatism is also very beneficial.


Apply raw potato poultice on the waist.


If there is swelling of synovitis of the knee and any kind of disease in this joint, then grinding raw potato and applying it is very beneficial. Eat roasted potatoes along with it.


It is an infectious skin disease characterized by painful, swollen small pustules, reddened skin and accompanied by fever. Pimples get cured and at the same time others. They spread quickly. Applying ground potato on this disease is beneficial.

Renal Stone:

If there is a stone in one or both the kidneys, there is a lot of benefit in eating only potatoes. By feeding only potatoes to the stone patient and by repeatedly giving him plenty of water, kidney stones and sand are easily dissolved. Magnesium is found in potato which melts the stone and prevents it from forming.

Patients of kidney or kidney should eat potato in food. The amount of potassium is found in potatoes and the amount of sodium is less. Excess amount of potassium removes excess amount of salt from the kidney, it benefits kidney patient.

Eating potatoes fills the stomach and feels satisfaction in the mind. Fat (fat) or smoothness is not found in potatoes. It gives strength and digests quickly. That's why it can be eaten in place of grains.


Potato does not increase obesity. The greasiness that goes into the stomach after eating potatoes after frying them with pungent spices, ghee etc., increases obesity. It is beneficial and safe to eat potatoes after boiling them or roasting them in hot sand ash.

High blood pressure:

If high blood pressure patients also eat potatoes, it is beneficial in normalizing blood pressure. Boil potatoes by adding salt to the water. Salt reaches less in the potato when it is peeled. Thus it is beneficial in high blood pressure. Magnesium is found in potatoes, which lowers high blood pressure.

Fair complexion: 

Grind potato and rub it on the skin. The color of the skin will gradually turn fair.


Cut raw potatoes like a vegetable. Boil potatoes in water one and a half times the weight of potatoes. When only one cup of water is left, then wash and bake the swollen organs with that water, the swelling will reduce.

Redness & puffiness in the eyes:

Rubbing a raw potato on a stone and applying it like kajal in the morning and evening, a cobweb that is 5-6 years old and a boil up to 4 years old gets cleaned in 3 months.

Nutritious food for children:

By feeding potato juice to children and older children who drink milk, they become fat and fresh. You can also drink potato juice mixed with honey. The method of extracting potato juice is that after washing the potatoes thoroughly in fresh water, grate them along with the peel and press the pulp in a cloth to extract the juice. Keep this juice covered for an hour. When all the waste pulp gets frozen at the bottom, separate the liquid juice from above and use it.


Dried potato has 8.5% protein and dry rice has 6.7% protein. In this way more protein is found in potatoes.

Potatoes contain protein like chicken chicks. Protein is necessary for older people. The protein of potatoes gives great strength to the elderly and removes the weakness of old age.

Skin wrinkles:

Rub raw potatoes on the hands when wrinkles appear on the skin of the hands due to cold and dry winds in the winter. This will cure wrinkles. Lemon juice is also equally beneficial. Drinking raw potato juice cures pimples, gas, nervous and muscular diseases.

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