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Tulsi - Ocimum sanctum | Know how many diseases Tulsi can cure

So come, let us know the benefits of Tulsi from the point of view of health, and how Tulsi is used to cure diseases:.....

Health Benefits of Tulsi

  • Scientific name of Tulsi: Ocimum sanctum
  • Nature of Tulsi: Hot

In this holy country of India, the Tulsi plant is considered holy and worshipable, because from the religious point of view, it is considered like a mother. Although it has not been given such importance, but it has many direct and indirect benefits to man. So come, let us know the benefits of Tulsi from the point of view of health, and how Tulsi is used to cure diseases:

Tulsi - Ocimum sanctum

Influenza :

Boil 12 grams of basil leaves in 250 grams of water. When a quarter of the water remains, filter it and mix rock salt and give it hot.

Excessive thirst :

If there is excessive thirst in any disease, then grinding basil leaves and mixing them in water, squeezing lemon and adding sugar candy, thirst reduces.

Rheumatic Pain:

Boil basil leaves and give its steam on the affected parts and wash it with warm water. Consume basil leaves, black pepper, cow's ghee all three together. It is beneficial in arthritis. This experiment is a popular experiment in Japan.

Neuralgia :

The powder of basil seeds is beneficial in neuralgia.

To fall :

A worm like a long thread emerges from the wound in the skin. It is called Bala or Naru. Where the bala is about to come out, there is a lot of swelling. Rubbing basil root on this swollen place and applying it, the hair comes out 2-3 inches. It should be tied. Apply the paste on the second day in the same way. By applying this way, the whole hair comes out. The paste should be continued even after the bala comes out so that the wound gets completely healed.

Hair fall, whitening:

If the hair is falling at a young age, has turned white, mix the raw juice of basil leaves and amla oil in water and rub it on the head. Wash your head after ten minutes. This strengthens the roots of the hair and makes the hair black. Take care that its water should not enter the eyes while applying and washing the head.


Boil Tulsi leaves in water and give its steam on Vata Nadi.


Mixing 10 drops juice of basil leaves and two spoons of honey in a glass of water and consuming it for a few days reduces obesity. Eat less fatty food.

Heart power booster:

In the winter season, grind 7 leaves of basil, 4 black pepper, 4 almonds like thandai and mix them in half a cup of water and drink regularly. This gives strength to the heart. Different types of heart diseases get cured.

Paralysis :

Boiling basil leaves and giving steam to the diseased part and washing it is beneficial. Grind basil leaves, rock salt and curd and apply it.

Leprosy :

In leprosy, eating basil leaves and rubbing it on leprosy is beneficial.

Dream interpretation :

Grinding basil root mixed with water and drinking it is beneficial.

Metal Weakness:

Grind 60 grams of basil seeds and 75 grams of sugar candy. Take 3 grams daily with cow's milk. This gives benefit in metal weakness. is tested.

Quick Fall :

Taking 1/4 teaspoon basil root or seed in betel leaves, the degeneration goes away quickly. There is a delay for a long time. Semen becomes strong.

Semen related diseases:

Mixing 3 grams of basil seeds or root powder in equal quantity of old jaggery and consuming it with milk increases masculinity. Thin semen thickens and increases in it. Heat and energy are generated in the body. Many diseases caused by gas and phlegm are cured. Take it for 40 days.

Pile :

Applying paste or juice of basil leaves on piles will be beneficial. Consume basil leaves regularly. Don't eat pepper, spices, brinjal.

Toxic Lineage:

Grinding basil leaves mixed with salt and applying on the bite of barb, brown, scorpion at that place, burning sensation and pain go away quickly. Mosquitoes do not bite if the juice of basil leaves is applied on the body.

If scorpion, barb, snake bites, then grind basil leaves and mix it in water and give it to the patient.

Chicken pox, fever :

Grinding celery with basil leaves and consuming it regularly reduces smallpox fever.

Resistance to small pox:

When smallpox or epidemic mother is spreading, it is good to drink juice of basil leaves every morning.


Basil leaf is going to destroy all kinds of bad smell. Chewing basil leaves after eating food does not cause foul smell in the mouth.

Bleeding :

Grind 20 basil leaves and mix it with 1 spoon of honey and lick it if you have bleeding and dizziness, it will be beneficial.

Dizziness, heat stroke:

Mixing 5 drops juice of basil leaves, 1 spoon sugar and half a cup of water and giving it does not cause sunstroke and it is beneficial in sunstroke. I don't get dizzy.

Leucorrhoea :

Mixing juice of basil leaves and honey in equal quantity, 'Naat' in the morning and evening is beneficial.

Mix cumin in basil juice and consume it with cow's milk.

Unnecessary bleeding of women stops by keeping quarter spoon of basil root powder in a pan and feeding it. Consuming basil seeds is beneficial when menstruation stops.

Mixing sugar candy in the juice of basil leaves and taking it cures blood leucorrhoea.

Pain during pregnancy:

Drinking juice of basil leaves at the time of labor pain does not cause excessive pain.

Contraception :

Consuming a cup of decoction of tulsi leaves for three days after the end of menstruation does not prevent pregnancy, there is no harmful effect either. ,

Sterility :

If a woman has menstruation, but does not get pregnant, then during the days of menstruation, by chewing basil seeds or grinding them in water or making a decoction and drinking it, she will become pregnant. If there is no pregnancy, do this for one year. This makes the uterus healthy, strong and capable of conceiving.

Dysuria :

In case of burning sensation in urine, chewing 20 basil leaves is beneficial.

Sores in the mouth:

Chewing basil and jasmine leaves cures mouth ulcers.

Acne, freckles, dark spots:

Mixing juice of basil leaves and lemon juice in equal quantity and applying it on ringworm cures itching. With this, facial shadows, acne, freckles, black spots and other skin diseases are also cured.

Mix basil powder with butter and rub it on the face on acne, scars, black spots.

Children's diseases:

In case of flatulence, diarrhoea, cough, cold, cold, vomiting, mix sugar in the juice of basil leaves and make sherbet. Give a small spoon of this, all these diseases will be cured. With regular use, the child remains healthy. To maintain the good health of the children, after heating basil and ginger juice, mix honey and give it to them after cooling.

Asthma :

Tulsi juice has the property of thinning out mucus. That's why it is useful in cold, cough. Taking basil juice, honey, ginger juice and onion juice together is very beneficial in asthma and cough.


After drying basil leaves in the shade, grinding them very finely and filtering them with a cloth, sprinkling them on the wound heals the wound. Its leaves can also be crushed and applied.

Worms in wounds:

Boil basil leaves and wash the wounds with that water. Sprinkle the powder of basil leaves on the wounds. Tie a bandage after soaking a thin cloth (Gaaj) in the juice of basil leaves.

White spot :

Applying basil oil thrice daily on white spots, itching pimples, wounds etc. is beneficial.

Method to make Tulsi oil:

Take a basil plant along with its root, seed and leaf. Wash it and clean the soil etc. Then grind it and mix it in half kg of water, half kg of sesame oil and cook it on a slow flame. When the water gets burnt and oil is formed, rub it and filter it. It has become Tulsi oil, apply it. Do not apply it on the hair of the head.

Method of making basil ointment:

Basil ointment should be applied on burning, itching, boils and pimples. Mix 250 grams juice of basil leaves, 250 grams coconut oil and heat it on low flame. When part of the water gets burnt, add 12 grams of beeswax to the hot oil and stir. This ointment is ready. Beneficial in all the diseases mentioned above.

All disease killer:

Tulsi is hot in nature, so take it in small quantity in summer. Grind 25 to 100 leaves for adults and 5 to 25 leaves for children once and mix it with honey or jaggery and take it thrice daily for 2-3 months. Take the first dose in the morning on an empty stomach. Gout, Osteoarthritis, Neuralgia, Swelling due to kidney failure, Stone, Leucoderma, Increase in blood cholesterol, Obesity, Constipation, Gas, Acidity, Dysentery, Colitis are cured by taking this method. Cancer , Wives, Asthma, Breathing diseases, Allergies, Sore eyes, Vitamin 'A' and 'B' deficiency goes away, Measles, Smallpox, Headache, Migraind go away.

Heart disease :

heart disease, tonsillitis, throat diseases; Wearing basil garland does not happen.

Healthy body

The person who eats 6 basil leaves daily, remains safe from many diseases and common diseases go away automatically.

Mix ground basil leaves with one spoon of honey and drink it daily. This will keep you healthy and glow on the cheeks.

Lightening :

If a person has become unconscious due to lightning or lightning falling from the sky during rain, then rubbing basil juice on the head and face makes him conscious.

Purifying water :

Putting basil leaves in water makes the water pure.

Burn with fire :

Applying tulsi juice mixed with coconut oil on burning of fire ends the burning sensation, heals blisters and wounds.

Memory power :

Mixing ten basil leaves, five black pepper, five almonds, a little honey and drinking it as a cold, increases memory power.

Cough :

Roasting five cloves and chewing them with basil leaves is beneficial in all types of cough.

Cough is also cured by the decoction of basil leaves only.

Taking 4 grams dry leaves of basil and sugar candy together ends cough and rattling in the lungs.

Grind basil leaves and black pepper in equal parts. Make balls equal to the size of moong. Give one tablet four times a day. This also cures whooping cough.

Consuming basil, ginger and onion juice with honey is beneficial in cough. Mucus comes out.

Make a decoction of 12 grams green leaves of basil and mix sugar and cow's milk in it and drink it, it ends cough and chest pain.

Mixing dried basil powder with honey and licking it provides relief in cough.

Grind basil, ginger in equal quantity and extract one spoon juice. Mix one spoon of honey in it and lick it. This cures cough and throat diseases.

3 grams basil juice, 6 grams sugar candy; Taking three black peppers together is beneficial in chest tightness, chronic fever and cough.

Pneumonia :

Grind 20 green leaves of basil and 5 black pepper and mix it with water and give it, it provides relief in pneumonia.

Digestion of food:

Grinding 5 fresh basil leaves and drinking it after meals, it ends indigestion (non-digestion of food). By consuming five leaves of Tulsi daily, the food gets digested quickly.

Cold :

Mix ten basil leaves, five black peppercorns in water and boil it like tea. Then add a little jaggery and desi ghee or rock salt to it and drink it. It is beneficial in cold.

A decoction of only basil leaves also cures cold. Boil basil leaves, black pepper and dry ginger like tea and give it with sugar and milk, it provides relief in cold.

Smelling the ground basil leaves stops flowing cold, giving the juice of basil leaves mixed with honey in children's cold, cough, and phlegm is beneficial.

In children's breathing disease, mixing five drops juice of basil leaves with half a spoon of honey is beneficial.

Half headache

Licking 1/4 teaspoon powder of basil leaves with honey in the morning and evening will be beneficial.

Headache :

Keep basil leaves dry in the shade. Grind them. By smelling it in a patient with headache, the pain subsides and the excitement of insanity is cured. Drinking equal quantity of basil leaves juice and lemon juice ends headache.

Diarrhea in children:

Boiling equal quantity of basil and betel leaf juice and giving it to children clears diarrhoea, flatulence and dyspepsia are cured. ,

Children's teething:

Mixing the juice of basil leaves with honey and applying it on the gums and licking it a little, the teeth come out without any pain. Giving the powder of basil leaves along with pomegranate syrup also helps in toothache.

Scabies :

Drink 12 grams juice of basil leaves regularly.

Mixing juice of basil leaves and lemon juice in equal quantity and applying it on ringworm cures itching.

Boil basil leaves in water and wash the boils with that water. Grind fresh leaves and apply on boils.

Apply rubbed basil wood on the pimples that occur in summer and rain.


Make tablets by grinding basil leaves and black pepper. By pressing it under the aching tooth, the toothache gets relief. Chewing basil leaves with the teeth makes the teeth strong and removes bad breath.

Cholera :

Make tablets by grinding basil leaves and black pepper. Cholera is cured by eating this pill.


Feeding basil leaves with sugar cures dysentery.

Taking basil and ginger juice in equal parts and heating it is beneficial in stomachache. Taking 12 grams basil juice cures stomach cramps.

Drinking decoction of basil leaves is beneficial in diarrhea. Drinking 10 grams juice of Tulsi leaves daily is beneficial in cramps and indigestion.

Vomiting :

Vomiting stops by drinking the juice of basil leaves. Stomach worms (worms) die. Mixing honey and basil juice and licking it ends nausea and vomiting.


Mix the powder of basil leaves and sugar three grams each.

Indigestion, dyspepsia:

Chewing after eating 20 leaves of basil, 5 black pepper cures mandagni. It is tested. Mixing rock salt and dry ginger in the decoction of basil and drinking it cures indigestion.

Hiccup :

Mixing 12 grams of basil juice and 6 grams of honey and drinking both ends hiccups.

Liver failure:

Boil 12 grams of tulsi leaves in a glass of water and filter it after leaving a quarter of the water, it cures liver enlargement and other liver diseases.

Hemorrhage :

Bleeding stops by dripping 4 drops of basil juice in the nose. If there is pineus, pain in the nose, wounds, pimples, then grinding dried basil leaves and smelling it is beneficial.

Deafness, earache:

Heat the juice of basil leaves and put four drops in the ear, it ends the pain. If the ear is flowing, putting it continuously for a few days is beneficial.


Boiling a pinch of ground basil seed in half a liter of cow's milk and drinking it regularly strengthens muscles and bones. Boiling basil seeds in milk and drinking sugar mixed with it increases strength.

Epilepsy :

Grinding green leaves of basil and massaging the whole body of the epileptic daily is beneficial.

Unconsciousness :

Grinding basil leaves and adding salt and putting two drops of its juice in the nose provides relief in fainting and moustache.

Malaria :

(1) Consuming basil leaves regularly does not cause malaria. If malaria occurs, after the fever subsides, taking 15 basil leaves and 10 black peppers in the morning does not cause malaria fever again. Consumption of Tulsi is beneficial in all types of fever.

(2) Drinking a decoction of 20 basil leaves, 10 black pepper and two spoons of sugar is beneficial in malaria.

General fever :

In fever, cough, respiratory diseases, mix three grams juice of basil leaves, three grams ginger juice and five grams honey and lick it morning and evening, it will be beneficial.

Boil ten basil leaves, three grams dry ginger, five cloves, twenty one black pepper, sugar according to taste. When the water remains half then give it to the patient. The fever will subside. If there is nervousness in fever, mix sugar in the juice of basil leaves and give it to drink.

Cold, cough, phlegm, if phlegm accumulates in the lungs, dry leaves of basil, catechu, camphor and cardamom, nine times sugar; Grind all finely. It becomes powdery. Consuming a pinch of it in the morning and evening brings out the accumulated phlegm.

Odor in the nose:

Smelling the juice of basil leaves or ground dried leaves removes bad smell from the nose and kills germs.

Chronic fever and cough:

If there is chronic fever and at the same time there is such a cough that causes pain in the chest, then taking the juice of basil leaves mixed with sugar candy is beneficial.

Sore throat :

If sore throat is caused by eating sour things, grind 25 basil leaves and ginger and mix them with honey and lick them, the sore throat will go away.

Cold, fever resistant:

If you always eat 15 basil leaves and four black peppers in the morning, then there will be no cold and fever.

Tulsi tea:

People drink tea from tea leaves as a daily habit, it is harmful. By using Tulsi tea on the basis of tea, many diseases will be cured and health will be good.

Method to make Tulsi tea:

Shade-dried basil leaves 50 grams, violet, fennel, Brahmi bounty, red sandalwood powder; 30 grams each; Cardamom, cinnamon-sugar, all these ten grams; Mix it and grind it and make tea by putting it in water like tea and drink it after mixing milk and sugar. This quantity is for 50 cups of tea. This will cure common fever, cold, sneezing.

Conclusion :

You must have understood that there are so many uses of Tulsi. Today most of the people are dependent only on artificial medicines, and do not understand anything about this divine plant. 

However people should do Tulsi treatment along with artificial medicines. Where Tulsi leaves are not available, homeopathic Tulsi Mother Tincture (Ocimum Sanctum) should be used. Since Tulsi plant emits life-giving oxygen in abundance, therefore, to keep the atmosphere pure, Tulsi plant should be planted in every house.

Thanks for reading: Tulsi - Ocimum sanctum | Know how many diseases Tulsi can cure, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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