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Vitamin B2: Functions, sources, daily needs of Riboflavin

The chemical name of vitamin B2 is ‘Riboflavin‘ and it is also known as vitamin G. The presence of vitamin B2 was first detected by Mr. Gold Berger in

Vitamin B2: Introduction

In the study of vitamin B complex, the name of vitamin B2 comes at number two. Since vitamin B2 is the best in itself like all other vitamins, the requirement of vitamin B2 in the body cannot be replaced by any other vitamin. Therefore vitamin B2 is also a very important vitamin due to its special properties, which the body needs continuously throughout life. So let’s know about Vitamin B2 in detail.

Vitamin B2: Functions, sources

The chemical name of vitamin B2 is ‘Riboflavin‘ and it is also known as vitamin G. The presence of vitamin B2 was first detected by Mr. Gold Berger in 1926. Vitamin B2 comes in the category of water-soluble vitamins, that is, vitamin B2 is soluble in water and is found more in water-rich foods (eg: green vegetables, milk, cheese, etc.). Vitamin B2 being water soluble, it does not get stored in the body for a long time. For good health, foods containing vitamin B2 should be included in the diet regularly, as it is excreted from the body with urine.

Symptoms of Vitamin B2 Deficiency

Due to the deficiency of vitamin B2, skin diseases like spots, freckles, itch-itch, boils etc. come out in large quantities. Due to the deficiency of Vitamin B2, the complexion of the skin appears pale. Due to the deficiency of vitamin B2, various diseases of the eyes such as, rash, redness, haze, burning sensation, weakness of vision, blindness, loss of vision even during the day, cavities, swelling of the eyelids, etc. symptoms are manifested. Due to the deficiency of vitamin B2, symptoms like hair fall, graying, breakage etc. also appear. Due to the deficiency of vitamin B2, a person starts looking like old age in his youth, the color of the mucous skin of his lips, mouth, ears, nose starts turning white. A person who lacks vitamin B2 in his body, he gets more tired only after doing a little hard work.

Vitamin B2 deficiency diseases

No matter what age a person is, if there is a deficiency of vitamin B2 in his body, then the following diseases can arise:

1. Keilosis (cracking of the lips),
2. Glossitis (inflammation of the tongue),
3. Dermatitis,
4. Blood disorders,
5. White spots, freckles, itch-itch, boils-pimples,
6. Blisters in the mouth,
7. Anemia,
8. Paralysis,
9. Webbing, Redness, Haze, Burning, Weakness of vision, Blindness, Loss of vision even during the day, Cavities, Swelling of eyelids, Cataract,
10. Disorders of the digestive system,
11. Weakness,
12. Frequent vomiting of pregnant woman.

Causes of Vitamin B2 Deficiency

The main reason for the deficiency of vitamin B2 is serious diseases that exist for a long time. Along with this, there are reasons not to consume natural foods containing vitamin B2, poor digestive system, indulgent-luxurious life, indulge in misdeeds, etc. Along with this, improper eating habits, irregular lifestyle etc. are due to deficiency of Vitamin B2.

Diagnosis of Vitamin B2 Deficiency

Vitamin B2 deficiency can be seen by observing irregularities related to the skin and mucous membranes, such as chapped lips, abscesses, etc. To identify the deficiency of Vitamin B2 in the body, attention should be paid to the above symptoms. Vitamin B2 deficiency is also detected precisely by blood tests and other pathology tests.

Functions of Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 has many important functions in the body, which every person should know, because everyone wants to be healthy. Firstly, the symptoms and diseases of vitamin B2 deficiency which have been mentioned above, if there is sufficient supply of vitamin B2 in the body, then the function of vitamin B2 is to eliminate those symptoms. Along with this, many other functions of Vitamin B2 are as follows:

Development from infancy to puberty takes place under the influence of vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 has the ability to remove most of the skin diseases and helps in maintaining the natural color of the skin.

Vitamin B2 prevents various eye diseases like redness, haze, blindness, cataract, swelling of the eyelids, burning sensation.

Vitamin B2 helps hair maintain its beautiful, strong, natural color.

Vitamin B2 protects a person from looking old in his youth. Maintains agility, agility in the body.

Sources of Vitamin B2

Most vitamin B2 is found in pulses in Masur pulses, in fruits in apples, in cereals, in radish leaves and in soybeans, yeast.

Excessive exposure to sunlight destroys the usefulness and efficacy of this vitamin, but if food is cooked on simple high flame, then this vitamin can tolerate that heat. Keep in mind that excessive boiling, cooking and frying these foods destroys vitamin B2.

The amounts (in milligrams of vitamin B2 in 100 milligrams of food) of foods that are high in vitamin B2 are shown in the table below:

1. Wheat0.1016. Soybean0.52
2. Jowar0.1617. Mango0.05
3. Machine crushed rice0.0818. Grapes0.01
4. Gram lentils0.2419. Guava0.03
5. Masur Lentils1.2320. Bean0.06
6. Urad dal0.5221. Brinjal0.06
7. Tur dal0.5222. Okra0.06
8. Maize0.1223. Cabbage0.03
9. Barley0.1224. Fenugreek0.15
10. Millet0.1625. Mint0.14
11. Hand crushed rice0.1026. Apple0.12
12. Moong dal0.2627. Amla0.12
13. Coriander0.1328. Radish0.02
14. Spinach0.1129. Carrot0.02
15. Milk0.2030. Cheese0.20

Daily Requirement of Vitamin B2

Age Stage.Daily Needs
1. Birth to 6 months0.3 mg
2. 7–12 months0.4 mg
3. 1–3 years0.5 mg
4. 4–8 years0.6 mg
5. 9–13 years0.9 mg
6. 14–18 years1.3 mg
7. 19-50 years1.3 mg
8. 51+ years1.3 mg
9. Pregnancy1.4 mg
10. Lactation1.6 mg
11. Maximum for children & adults2-3 mg 
12. Maximum for pregnancy & Lactation3-4 mg 

Fix to Vitamin B2 deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin B2 in the body is a serious condition, and in this situation, a person should initially take the help of prescription drugs (tablets or injections) supplying Vitamin B2 as per the advice of a qualified doctor. Along with this, improve your lifestyle and stay connected with nature and in moderation. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the digestive system, because if the digestive system is not good, then no matter how many natural or artificial vitamin B2 food supplements are eaten, they cannot be absorbed in the body. So try to keep the digestive system healthy as well. Avoid excessive and incorrect intake of antibiotics or other allopathic medicines.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin B2 through medicines, both injectable and oral medicines are available in the market, but they should be taken according to the doctor’s advice. Consuming artificial vitamin supplements (injections or pills) for a long time can make the body dependent on them or it can be difficult to live without artificial vitamin supplements. Therefore, artificial vitamin supplements should not be taken for a long time or repeatedly.

Is an overdose of vitamin B2 harmful?

Yes ! If artificial vitamin B2 is being consumed excessively and frequently, then it can be harmful if excessive amounts are required, in which symptoms of irritability, skin pimples, convulsions, and digestive system disorders are seen. The amount of vitamin B2 in the body may not be high if natural foods containing vitamin B2 are consumed, as the body absorbs vitamin B2 from natural foods in sufficient amounts.


We have provided important information related to Vitamin B2 in this post and we believe that you must have come to know about Vitamin B2 very well with the help of this post. If still you have any doubt then feel free to write in below comment box.

Thanks for reading: Vitamin B2: Functions, sources, daily needs of Riboflavin, Please, share this article. If this article helped you, then you must write your feedback in the comment box.

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