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Vitamin K: Functions, Symptoms of deficiency, and Sources

At the time of the study, the name Vitamin K comes at number four in the category of vitamins. Since vitamin K is the best in itself like all other vi

Vitamin K: Introduction

At the time of the study, the name Vitamin K comes at number four in the category of vitamins. Since vitamin K is the best in itself like all other vitamins, the requirement of vitamin K in the body cannot be replaced by any other vitamin K. Therefore vitamin K is also a very important vitamin due to its special properties, which the body needs continuously throughout life. So let us know about Vitamin K in detail.

Vitamin K: Functions, Symptoms

The chemical name of vitamin K is ‘Naphthoquinone‘ and it is also called the Antihaemorrhagic vitamin. Vitamin K comes under the category of fat-soluble vitamins, that is, vitamin K is soluble in fats and oils and is found in foods containing fats and oils (eg: ghee, nuts, etc.). Vitamin K is fat-soluble, it is stored in the liver and in the adipose tissue found under the skin so that the body can use it from time to time as needed. The biggest thing is that vitamin K is produced by the beneficial bacteria present in the intestine in the human body continuously throughout life.

Symptoms of Vitamin K Deficiency

As vitamin K is called the Antihaemorrhagic vitamin, it is therefore associated with bleeding. If due to injury or any other reason more blood starts flowing from the body and the flow of blood is not stopped quickly, then it is the main symptom of deficiency of Vitamin K in the body.

If pregnant women are prone to uncontrolled bleeding, then it is a major symptom of vitamin K deficiency in the body.

If hiccups are coming out again and again without any reason, then it is a symptom of vitamin K deficiency.

Cause of Vitamin K Deficiency

The biggest reason for vitamin K deficiency is the low number or absence of beneficial bacteria present in the intestine, which are always producing vitamin K. Deficiency of these bacteria results from the consumption of excessive broad-spectrum antibiotics. These broad-spectrum antibiotics target and kill beneficial bacteria present in the bowel as well. Along with this, there are reasons for not consuming natural foods containing Vitamin K, poor digestive system, etc. Along with this, improper eating habits, irregular lifestyles, and serious illness are the reasons for the deficiency of Vitamin K.

Diagnosis of Vitamin K Deficiency

Vitamin K deficiency is known only after looking at diseases related to uncontrolled bleeding, such as bleeding during an injury or pregnancy. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin K in the body of a person, if the blood starts flowing from his body due to any reason, then it does not stop quickly. For this identification, attention should be paid to the above symptoms. Apart from this, the deficiency of vitamin K is also detected properly by blood tests and other pathology tests.

Functions of Vitamin K

If for some reason the blood continues to flow out of the body and does not stop soon, then this condition can be very serious. If the blood starts flowing out of the body, then the blood at that place has the special property of stopping the bleeding by forming a clot, and this property is obtained due to vitamin K.

Vitamin K is very much needed by pregnant women.

Vitamin K prevents the release of cold bile (urticari).

Sources of Vitamin K

Although vitamin K is produced by beneficial bacteria present in the human intestine, yet if symptoms of vitamin K deficiency appear, then there is a need to eat foods containing vitamin K.

Vitamin K is especially found in spinach, karmakalla, cabbage, and in small amounts in wheat bran, potato, tomato, milk, butter, etc.

Vitamin K daily requirement

Age stage.Daily Needs
1. Birth to 6 months2.0 mcg
2. 7–12 months2.5 mcg
3. 1–3 years30 mcg
4. 4–8 years55 mcg
5. 9–13 years60 mcg
6. 14–18 years75 mcg
7. 19+ years120 mcg
8. Pregnancy & Lactation90 mcg

Remedy to overcome Vitamin K deficiency

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin K, first of all, improve your lifestyle and connect with nature. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the digestive system, because if the digestive system is not well, then no matter how many natural or artificial vitamin K food supplements are eaten, they cannot be absorbed in the body. Therefore, to overcome the deficiency of vitamin K, the digestive system is first corrected. Avoid taking antibiotics excessively and incorrectly.

Drugs are used to treat vitamin K deficiency, both injectable and taken by mouth. Both types of medicines are available in the market, but they should be taken according to the doctor’s advice.

To overcome the deficiency of vitamin K through nutritious food, milk, curd, butter, sprouted wheat, sprouted grains, and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, radish, carrot, beet, tomato, etc., are consumed in proper quantity.

Is an overdose of vitamin K harmful?

If artificial vitamin K is being consumed, it is harmful if the amount is exceeded. If natural foods containing vitamin K are being eaten, it is impossible to have more amount of vitamin K in the body, because this is the quality of natural foods.


We have provided important information related to Vitamin K in this post and we believe that with the help of this post you will be able to know about Vitamin K very well. If still you have any doubt then feel free to write in below comment box.

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