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How to decide a topic for a podcast

Six Important Topics for Podcasts As you have come to know that instead of text containing posts on the website, publishing audio in the best way to …

Equipment needed for podcast or video audio recording

To be equipped for audio recording: Let's get started on this topic. So in this article, I want to set you up with the equipment you need for pod…

Strategy For Writing Episode Titles and Descriptions

Strategy for writing blog post or podcast episode titles and descriptions: We've almost covered it all before in this article - from bringing tog…

Create a Content Calendar for Podcasting or Blog Publishing

Create a Content Calendar: As we have already told how to curate a content. But what about the next steps? Let's go to it! Content  Calendar Requ…

Learn to Curating Your Content for Podcasts

Curating Your Content for Podcasts In this article, we will learn all about content curation for podcasts. So first of all, what is content curation?…

Better topics for podcasting | Finding best niche for podcast

Better topics for podcasting that help in ranking: As you are familiar with Part One of Podcasting, which explained what podcasting is . In this arti…

Easily Understand to What is Podcasting

Introduction of Podcasting: Hello, welcome to the Podcasting Course for Beginners at If you are new to, we…
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