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Follow these strategy to keep your smartphone safe at all times

Strategy to keep your smartphone safe: Smartphone security is a way of defending mobile devices against a wide range of cyber attack vectors, elimina…

Shortcuts Keys List of LibreOffice Calc for CCC Students

List of LibreOffice Calc shortcuts keys: Hello friends! In this previous article, I have told the  Shortcuts Keys List of LibreOffice writer . I…

Shortcuts Keys List of LibreOffice Writer for CCC Students

List of LibreOffice Writer shortcuts: Hello friends! In this article, we are presenting the complete shortcut keys of the functions that come under a…

3 Powerful Security Extensions to Protect PC Online

Security (Antivirus) Extensions to Protect PC Online: Dear friends! In this article, I am going to give you three very powerful chrome-extensions, wh…

Android devices connecting problem fix on Windows 10 | MTP USB Driver

MTP Devices Connecting Problem on Windows 10: If you are also connecting your Android device to your PC or laptop via USB, then your Android device (…

Mobile Apps Launched by Government of India in 2022

1. Jaldoot App: Jaldoot application was launched on 28 September 2022 by Faggan Singh Kulaste, Minister of State for Rural Development and Steel.

Current affairs: 5G service launched in 13 major cities of India

5G network service launched in 13 cities: The country's 5G services were officially inaugurated on October 1, 2022 in India by the Prime Minister…

Increase battery backup of smartphone

Increase your smartphone battery backup: Many people keep looking for ways to increase their battery backup, because nowadays, the use of smartphones…

Laptop hang problem solution of Windows 10, Computer or laptop freezes

The Solution of Laptop or PC Hanging: If you are looking for the solution of laptop hang problem solution windows 10 or Computer or Laptop freezes th…
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